How far we come

Today was an interesting day. Went an appt at sick kids for lasix which proved to be interesting. Came up against all of her sensories in one appt. With a little bit of coaching she made it through nicely. 

Most amazing part of the day was our trip on the GO train after. Some context is needed to really illustrate this. This is a girl who didnt really speak a word until she was about 4 yrs old let alone want to be around other people. Now back to today. We found a seat on the go train and this is the one transportation vehicle she likes to stand up. Next thing i turn around and shes standing in front of the Go train worker having a almost conversation which completly surprised me in a way but in some ways it shouldnt. Makes me proud as a parent who has worked so hard outside of speech therapy to help her have a conservsation and be comfortable around others.  I know some of what she said wasnt clear but the man tried very hard to understand her. In this picture i took i was still in the seat watching her allowing her to navigate the conversation. 


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