Christmas excitement

This was unlike any other christmas in the past 10 years. With my child becoming more verbal there was the pointing out of what she wanted for christmas whereas previous years she didn’t really acknowledge what she wanted or christmas for that matter. With that happening it made christmas so much easier in a way. They say to manage the stress and anxiety that asd kids get at this time of the year. I think we did a good job since there was no family functions to be at and purposely avoided going to the malls. I knew there was excitement because at the beginning of November I was getting asked if santa was coming yet. As the big day got closer and we counted the days the excitement grew tremondously. We have a tradition of going to church christmas eve and christmas day. This we planned perfectly to be there nice and early cause last year we weren’t and had to stand during the whole time which wasn’t fun for her. The added bonus was a friend spotted her and they spent part of it together which was cool. I worry about her making friends at school until I see that happen. Christmas morning was exciting. She woke up and she’s asks me “did santa come?”. It was nice to see her get excited about christmas after be worried all these years it would just be another for her. ​

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all my followers!


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