knowledge is power 

Today is one of those really good days. My daughter just started doing a reading buddies program at our local library. Its a great program where teens volunteer to read with the younger kids. Its great for her to participate in this for the social aspect. There was a time i would be rattled with nerves but not tonight. Even though its only 45mins its nice to have time to myself to think. Happy to say it went quite well for her. We also went to parent workshop about iep and iprc. Basically its what helps your kids get support in the school. Even ive dealt with this stuff a few times it was nice to learn some new stuff. Like for instance the alternative education section which pertains to things not educational. For some thats feeding for us thats tolieting. That has always been a struggle. She still uses diapers everyday which isnt a bother really. They say pick your battles. Well thats a battle ive picked and tried that has resulted in loads of extra laundry. We decided just to go back for time being. That was after having a heartfelt conversation with her teacher.  A good lesson out of tonight is keep level headed and open minded when approaching the situation. On top of that my girl lasted a 2 whole hours by doing one sensory after another. Hope that helps someone out there. 


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