Sometimes you never know

This weekend the indy cars came our city. I thought this would be a interesting new adventure for my daughter. We took a big gamble and went down on the Friday which is usually free. Now my girl has her issues with sounds. Granted at times its difficult to read what sounds bother her. So we packed everything including her big headphones. We got an hour into the event and started to realize it was going really. Especially when she didn’t want to move from her seat until the cars finished. Thankfully there was a area setup inside a tent that was showing the track action. That was an area we used to calm and get a break. Thought it was a one day thing then she wakes up this morning asking to go today. 

 I admit I’m really happy this worked out because I never thought it would happen. I find

 another lesson in trail and error. I’m always asked how we do it. I just say take a leap and see if it works. ​I look at like walking through another door. Just like temple grandin illustrates in her movie and books. If I didn’t read her work I don’t know if I would have to courage to try these new things without knowing what to do if it goes wrong. I’m really glad it didnt come down to that. 


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