Feeling confusion

As many might know that feelings can be quite difficult for a child on the spectrum. Tonight was a classic example. We went to our favorite park to unwind. Thankfully we didn’t run into any trouble. My daughter decided to bring along her toy shopping cart where along the way insisted to collect pine cones on the way. Usually at the park she gets into a habit of collecting sticks which I’m trying to understand why. Anyways I gave the usual 2 minutes warning before we go. She was running around still collecting sticks we she came upon this little girl and chased her down for her stick unknowingly. Just grabs the it out of her hand. Now I could’ve brushed off to her not understanding but I decided to use it as a teaching moment. At first I asked her how she thought it made the girl feel to take the stick away. Responded by saying”happy” so definitely know feelings aren’t being understood. Playfully tried to take the stick from my daughter then asked her how does that make you feel and responded with”sad”. I tried in a way she can understand the little girl might have felt that way.
I have come so far in understanding my daughter so when things like this come up its a good challenge to work through.


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