Our kids deserve so much more

They say the hardest fights are the ones that mean the most. I believe you can characterize the fight for keeping IBI past the age of 5 exactly that. Here in canada more specially in ontario the parents of kids on the spectrum are fighting a government who has mismanaged funds when it comes to autism/special needs. Granted one positive thing has happened where younger kids now have IBI help but cutting it off at 5 makes it useless because for most it’s needed after 5.
There was a positive spirited rally last Friday across the province to support this fight. Talking to a lot of families you hear some good and not so good stories. Talked to a dad whose son is 18 and has the benefit of IBI. He was out there because he knows what the benefit of IBI is and knows this is wrong what the government has done. I’m lucky my daughter whose 11 received some IBI help early on which has served well. I’m out at these rallies because when families say their younger son/daughter have been getting IBI and now being told it won’t be there for them it makes me furious. Seems that because we have a government who has so poorly mismanaged money that they feel the need to balance the books on the back of our kids. Apparently Kathleen Wynnes decision was based on science. It must’ve been very flawed because IBI is good for past age 5. I have a friend who was receiving up to age 18. Talking to people from the United states you can get a sense that they’re much ahead of canada when it comes to this. Honestly though this 2016 where this shouldn’t be happening but when you got government who prefers to ignore reality rather than face the facts it’s a tough fight. Its great to be part of a community that is together and not afraid to fight for what’s right. There’s a rally may 5 at queens park where we’re gonna take it to the government front step. I will be down there with my daughter. Let’s stand and send a message that our kids deserve to thrive and not be deprived. Let your voice be heard by using #Autismdoesntendat5




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