our kids matter

This has been an interesting week. The parents with kids on spectrum got good and bad news. First the good news the ontario government has decided in the most recent budget to put more into the system help kids in the younger age group. Which is great by all means. I know families with kids those ages waiting and I’m happy for them. The bad news comes when the government wants to balance the books so in order to do there eliminating for ibi for kids over 5 years old. Also the education minister is considering closing some school programs that offer additional support for special needs because again needing to balance the books. For those who have been following its not new for me to write about this. It’s just these last few months it seems that when it comes to saving in the province the special needs community is looked at first. To be metaphoric this a constant slap in the face. Ya im frustrated as a parent but also an advocate for the kids and parents. These ibi programs are a great thing for the kids as they get older. Just seems like the government sees it as just another program. Just when they force boards to cut support staff that is most needed. I be honest as a parent with a child on the spectrum this makes me wanna scream but also look at going back to school to learn these tools so I can help families through the respite program im involved in. I signed a petition that will hopefully make a difference. Here we are at the beginning of autism awareness month and already we seem to take a step backward. Here’s to what hopefully is better times to come.


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