Trial and error

Its the start of a whole new year. I know we’re like couple weeks into. Its also another year to try some things out and see what fits. This week my daughter has started to par take in a reading buddies program which is hit or miss. Basically because it with kids in her typical age group which as i look on i can see the difference between them and her. I do it partly because of the social aspect it has. Reading isnt the biggest thing. After this we are trying a cardio class for kids. Should be more interesting considering they’ll be quite active. I could be every other special needs parent and say no my child cant do these things but i prefer to take the chance that something may click for her. I admit i cant help but think of difference. I look at the other side where some kids might learn from my kid about acceptance by being around here. If you are a special needs parent out there wanting to do the same i encourage you if you feel comfortable to branch out and trial and error. We’re all in this together so lets help each other out.


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