Happy new years

Well once again another year has come and gone. Again like every new years for the last 5 years i reflect on when me and my daughters life had a life changing moment. For those not familiar. I was having some difficulty entering my child’s world until one new years at 11:40pm my daughter wakes up crying from a bad dream. Brought her out in the living room on to the couch to help calm her. I had been watching new years stuff on tv when i turned it to a talk show that had temple grandin on it. At the time i knew nothing of her or autism. Got my daughter back to bed and watched the countdown and spent the next 2 hours researching who temple was.  Watched her movie about a week later. Ever since then I’ve been able to enter my daughters world and be welcome with open arms. I’m always constantly searching for more info.
Tonight we had originally planned to see a friend for new years eve. Like everything i discuss with my daughter. She wasn’t quite feeling in a party mood so we decided to have a father/daughter watching the grinch movie for new years. She lasted till 10:00 which was good.
Here’s to another coming and going and a much brighter 2016.
Happy new year everyone!!


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