a wondeful teaching moment

Another busy weekend has come and gone. This weekend was warm one so went down to the lake for some relief . At the same the pan an games are taking place here in Toronto. Our experience happened when we went to pride house that kids created. Basically a school in the gta asked kids to make up signs talking about equality when it comes to gender, disability etc. I’m sure in some level my daughter understood it. Some might frown on me exposing my child to that but we are an open-minded family. Had a great discussion with member from the community about how the lgbt community has done so well to fight for equal rights. Seeing all that made me wonder who is that big advocate to fight for disability rights. After some thought and reflection I realized we the parents and our kids are the ones that can make a difference. I know some aspects of society are better than they were in the past but there’s still plenty of room improvement. Parents, kids and caregivers don’t be afraid to speak up next time someone  says something objectionable because its always a teaching moment for everyone.



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