End of one journey and start of a new journey

Not sure why I have chosen tonight being canada day sitting here listening to fireworks I’m choosing to reflect on the school year. Maybe in some way the fireworks are metaphors for what the 3 years in a special needs school has been like. She was like that small firecracker that barely lights to now that firecracker cracker goes up and pops. I can’t say enough about the entire staff. I have never met such welcoming and warm people ever. We switched to this school because we weren’t being heard. I can says 3 years later we were heard loud and clear. The final end of year celebration was memorable. My girl sang frozens let it go in front of everyone. I’m not afraid to admit I cried towards the end knowing this was coming to an end. I see let it go as a anthem for her to become empowered. Then again the father who wrote has a special needs child also. That chapter of our life has closed for now. September she’s going back into a public school with some skeptism. Like temple grandin has said you never know what’s beyond if you don’t go through the door to find out. It’s gonna be a long summer I think which is good. Happy canada to my canadian friends. Happy 4th of July to my American friends.


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