the wonderful of world of sick kids

Yesterday was our usual appointment with the eye clinic at sick kids hospital. She gets regular checks after having a surgery done to correct a Strombus condition which cause one eye to over compensate for the other. Eye vision is skewed at times. That was a great success. Her doctor said he likes what he’s seeing so far. It’s always a sobering experience to visit sick kids. You meet people from every walk of life and ages. It’s a chance sometimes to connect with someone going through a tough time in life. I use to remind myself as a family we have very little too worry compare to what others have going on. Been some great experiences like using my daughters Elmo toy to cheer up a child who was crying because his iPad shut off accidentally. I don’t know what the family was dealing with but what was going to be a wildly crying child turned into a happy laughing child because of Elmo and my daughters generosity to allow me to use Elmo.The father was almost tearful when thanking me for helping his son. Have had some great talks with parents and doctors about their experiences. Yesterday we decided to stay around after the appointment and look at books they have in their library. To my daughters great surprise there was a story time scheduled at that time, This was no ordinary story time because its broadcasted over closed circuit television to all the hospital rooms with children who are not able to get down to the library for story time. We really enjoyed watching the magic happen. I had a tear in my eye thinking of these kids watching in the rooms. We’ve been there when my daughter was having trouble right from birth. This is a fairly new venture they’ve started. We didn’t get a chance to experience this when she was in there but it warms my heart to know they’re giving these kids something to smile and forget about what they have going on. Seeing all this really shows you why people love this place.                                                                                                                 IMG_20150313_114404


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