This crazy world of ours

Here I am on a Sunday night having some calming time after a eventful visit to the library. About to leave the library when she decides it time to shutdown and go into meltdown mode. Now you’d think I’d be used to the up and down emotion roller-coaster we go on from time to time. Not many people in general understand what goes on when it happens. Thankful for the friends and family support I do have. I don’t complain about because it’s allowed me to reach out in ways never thought possible. First I have a couple close friends who are in the same boat so we tend to share stories and support each other. I’ve been able to go into the school im working and share my thoughts and ideas of what might help a particular child and be accepted by respected by teachers for the experiences I’m living. Been told by a teacher that it’s nice to talk someone who really understands autism the same way. Very much enjoying spreading awareness amongst the teachers and students. Everything from the screaming and meltdowns that involves kicking and scratching has made me stronger when dealing with a tough situation. I admit there’s times when we’ve had a bad/rough weekend or week and i feel like hiding out and shutting out the world after she’s gone to bed so I could get my sanity back then there’s times where I say bring on the craziness. I’ve moved past being worried what others are thinking about us and how are life is. Too all those still in the dark place I want to say it does get better.


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