happy new year

Its new years again. everyone is having fun. For us its different. Its a lot quieter and subdued. with some unpredictability which has been solved with more understandability. that understanding happened 5 years ago on new years eve at 11:20pm. my lil girl woke up crying from something not known. I had on a talk show who had temple grandin talking about her movie. It was almost like a light went on. Autism was a mysterious thing until then. Its been a long hard road that has seen speech come along way. We finally found a good school that is the best for her. I admit when I became a single dad with a special needs child I found it daunting at first. Now the more I understand her the better. The big thing I learned is the unwanted touch feeling feels like sandpaper to them. Heres to another year gone and another one coming. Happy New Year!IMG_20141231_205523


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