The day our nation changed

IMG_20141022_160255After a good sleep and breather I thought I would offer my reflection on our nations tragic events.
Yesterday I was home when someone texted me saying a shooting in Ottawa. I turned on my tv with disbelief this could be happening here. I knew we weren’t immune to this happening considering where we sit politically in this country. We are a peaceful nation that is in a state of shock. It was my daughters 1/2 day of school so she comes home and asks what happened. Not an easy thing to explain. Now shes not old enough to know what 9/11 is which is a good thing. 2 weeks ago we went to a leaf game and had a experience of the new normal with being metal detector scanned and having lock downs being practiced in our schools. She may not understand what she was watching yesterday but as she grows she may understand it. she will wake up and it’ll seem like any other day. As a Canadian I will not let this change me but make me stronger and more aware of surroundings. To my Canadian friends we will overcome this sudden fear. As a Canadian I couldn’t be more prouder watching the law enforcement and civilian coming to the rescue of the fallen soldier.#Canadastrong


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