life is so beautiful

It’s been 4 years since I’ve become a single parent. It’s been a life changing experience for sure. By no means has it been easy. Must admit when I made this decision I first thought I must be crazy to take care of a special needs child by myself. First year was really because I didn’t clearly understand what my lil girl was going through. That all changed on new years eve that year. I now see it as a sign when my lil girl woke up at 11:40pm crying for some reason. Brought her on the couch and had a talk show on that temple Grandin had been on talking about her movie. After I got my lil girl to sleep I was trying to find who she was. I did eventually and started to track down her movie. I think it’s fair to she changed my life. Watched this film one night and couldn’t believe what I was watching. I was seeing everything my girl does in her movie. After this movie was I cried for 30 mins because I know knew who my girl was. I’m writing this now and it still gets me going. it’s 3 years later and im working with kids and teachers to help them better understand what is happening. I look at my girl and see someone who is happy because we understand each other so well. She can’t express it but I bet there is relief in her knowing I can help her with anything. Yes this life is hard but I wouldn’t change a thing because my lil girl is an angel who has helped me get to know myself after being lost for so long. 


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