a very up and down rollercoaster

What a beautiful day it was in our great city. We decided to take advantage of it by going downtown for good ole ball game. In some ways taking a big chance. I am thankful for the new heavy duty headphones to improve chances of success. It started off pretty good. Found out seats and almost right away was dancing in the seats. By the 3 inning we were up walking around looking for games and sensory input. Today was Jr. Jays so they always have games. Lucky we found them and she did pretty good at them. Got back to our for the 7th inning. Lasted about 11/2 innings and then we were to find some more sensory input. The game was a loss but she got to run the bases where she looked like a natural. That was all good for a bit after we got out from the game then I started to notice a flush face which in kids with autism it’s a first sign where getting over stimulated. Just like clock work we started to climb down that mountain. Starts with being fidgety on the go bus then we stopped for some water once we reached our destination. That’s when she came apart. Rest of the bus ride I took some abuse because of it. Lucky I was taught some cpi to diffuse such situations. Normally we would come straight home but knowing what I do I understood we needed to play at the park to calm ourselves down. Now she’s in bed and I’m trying to wind down myself. Happy saturdayImage


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