How far we have come

Well here we are 20 mins till a new year. It always takes me back to 2010 when everything changed. My daughter woke up at 1140pm 2009 crying for some reason. Local talk show was on and temple grandin happened to be on at the time. While consoling my child I kept thinking who is that. When it was said how amazing to have a movie about disabilities it sparked me. Went out and watched the movie temple grandin and helped me understand so much about what was going on. Went out an bought her books and learned so much to where in 2013 I’ve been working in the field helping families and kids. As we go forward to 2014 I feel so much more confident in what I do in my life for my girl but for others. One thing about this is work is never dull for me. I watched on the news a 5 yr old boy lose his life to autism wandering and can’t help think what we can do to help these parents become more aware let alone the public. Took my daughter to see nelson Mandela long walk to freedom and it got my mind thinking what can we as parents and workers in the field do to raise better awareness to knock down the doors of ignorance. Can’t help but thank temple grandin for inspiring me to want to help people with disabilities when new years come around.
Happy new year everyone and let’s make our kids voices be heard.


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