Fun sunday

Now that Halloween is out of the way we can resume being ourselves. That starts with her favourite thing which is going to the remembrance ceremony today. Ya it was cold and windy which was causing a issue at times but she managed to last a good chunk of it. We also spent 2hours at the local rink in even more cold. Everytime we have gone there she’s always against into the rink area and staying in the hallway with the glass window instead. Today she wanted to go inside and walk up and down every aisle with precision. Now she has her Thomas set out singing the same a single of songs over and over. The only thing that broke this repetition was the local news saying Santa Claus parade and popped up for 30’s then back to repetition singing. As long as she’s happy I’m good. Tomorrow is a trip downtown so I’ll savour the calmness she’s in right now.


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