Very challenging weekend

Friday I get a call from school saying my child is being taken to the hospital. I get there as fast as I could and after a few hours was determined she was good. Not what I needed with all the schedules out of whack. Had a family get together for a bday party at a restaurant. Which for my girl is unbearable. I will she did well for awhile then you could start to see the wall crumble and that was it. Sunday just got worse. Going down to the city on the bus in which it was mostly full. There was a seat open but we didn’t see it until the bus was moving which set her off totally. Spent the whole trip down was working on calming her down. Get there and she was needing a change so I thought let’s go in the museum and use the washrooms. Well I didn’t anticipate a big sculpture of dinosaur bones to be there and that just completely set her off fully. Coming back was a lesson in what it means to love a child with autism. She had brought toy dog that she loves to pull and take with her everywhere. Well we got off the bus with a trip to washroom when I was asked about the dog and thats when I realized it was lost. Ran to get help at the transit station, they couldn’t find it and its oh no. We go back to the bus bay where I promised I was going to get that dog back. Every bus that stopped I asked to search it. Someone put out a call for the drivers watch out for it. Out of the blue a driver comes walking out with the dog and I just break down like crazy and to see the face on her when the dog showed up was awesome.

Let’s just say the ride home she held that dog so tight. This dog means so much because its named Rosie which is my mom’s late dog. To lose this would have been devastating to her. Let alone kids on spectrum have hard to rationaling that its not the end of the world but a comfort they have and don’t want to lose.


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