This life ain’t easy

Here we are 3 weeks into a new school year and I’m already longing for the summer. Routines been messed up greatly and stress just never goes away. I have to say I’ve started a new job/career that makes happier now. Having a special needs child is not easy. Just when you think things are smoothing out something else comes along. Was on the way to work in a which I deal with special needs. I get a call from my girls school saying there has an incident of sorts. Turns out a kid was set off out of the blue and she happen to be a place at wrong time and got her hair yanked. The one thing with these kids cannot process emotions well so the first they see when mad they take it out on them. That’s why when told this I wasn’t freaking because I understand this well. Did feel bad for my girl because hair is such a bad sensory for her. I got a call yesterday saying she was being taken to the hospital for a private reason and I’m thinking god if you’re trying to test me you’re doing a good job at it. Luckily there was much of anything going on so she was cleared of the problem. Phew. Was hard as dad seeing her like that let alone understanding her emotion takes a bigger toll on me. I think all of us with autistics kids wonder at times if the drama will stop and the reality it may not so I guess we need to celebrate the moments when it quiets down.  I must say I welcome the rain today because it means we can relax and enjoy the little moments today.


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