At summers end

wow where did summer go? summer is a hard time to be really structured for anyone let alone kids on the spectrum. Many days were spent at the park trying to gain some social skills. For me its been a summer of interesting happenings. meeting parents of spectrum kids at the day camp and being able to connect on a comfortable level. it seemed like everywhere we went i always seem to meet some people in a similar situation. i took a chance of quitting a job i had for a few months to go and chase a pursuit of happiness

that makes me feel whole as person. its funny how when i joined a day camp as a counselor things started to happen when i got hired by an agency to help a special needs family with their child for the school year. my girl had a great experience when she came with me to the day camp. seen a side of her come out that was pleasant to watch. Its been a productive time when it comes to dealing with challenges of sensory and various issues. well she still has another week till first day of school, so when she got up this morning and seen on the news that kids were going to school the question school came up. luckily i’m equipped enough to have a day pecs setup to show that there is no school yet. for the first time in a long time i had some first day jitters going to work the after school program. not sure what to expect from a spectrum child after a long day at school. so heres to the end of summer and the beginning of fall.


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