Just some thoughts

Here we are coming to end of summer again. It’s been quite the eventful one. Working at a day camp for a few weeks has re-energized me for what lies ahead. Been nice having my girl come with me to the camp to experience something new and different. Met a few people along the way. I learned last week that one of the parents of a camper has a boy on the spectrum also. We had a great chat about what we’re experiencing. They have 2 other boys and he explaining to him about his brother to help him understand better. He was telling me how sometimes his bro is all over him sometimes. I explained to him that his bro is seeking wanted sensory and vice a versa. That same we went to a community church dinner where we met a man with CP. Great guy I must say. After the dinner a man whose name is bob asked me about my girl and what issue was because he has a grandson that was there that’s on the spectrum. I’m sure you’ve seen in the news the boy from oshawa being sent the hateful letter. I admit that had me quite mad for awhile. Reached out to the mother through facebook. Funny how almost every place I worked or visited someone came up to me and said I have a son or daughter on the spectrum. Very interesting how we are all connected in some way or another. We have all our differences its just how we approach them makes a difference. Some of us may not be able to understand because we have never had to face it so we don’t bother and that’s ok. Autism can be scary for some people to handle I’m lucky I can. It’s nice to see some people teaching there’s nothing wrong with being different they’re just unique in their own way.


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