A very interesting world indeed

Been doing a lot of observing when it comes to my daughter. The more I read about autism the more intrigued I become. The routine aspect I marvel at. I get her up in morning get her up for changing and the first thing she says is treehouse. Her favourite channel. Sits down asks for water then we discuss what she wants to eat. Lately shes been on this oatmeal kick. That’s one routine. The other going out and if we stop where she likes to tell people her name then asks them their name. Funny how she won’t give up until this whole process is complete. Almost like she has a agenda to know everyone possible no matter what. The odd time if there is she likes to throw in that im daddy which I find cute really. That’s two. Bedtime is fun for her because she will a stuff animal for bed and the routine is to kiss and big hug the animal then give her a big hug and kiss then she’s happy. That’s three. Amazing how carefully thought out these sequences are thought out by them. I completely understand their wanting of this to be perfect. Aside from routines theres little things we take for granted that to them if it goes wrong its high anxiety no matter what. With her not having the stroller now it’s been a whole new process. When we go on the bus it becomes very sensitive. From the time we get on the bus she’s in a hurry to find the nearest seat because of the bus motion. When we come to our stop we have to wait for the bus to completely stop before we can make our way off. I missed this up once for her and it turned into complete meltdown. After thinking the events through I realized that the bus motion is too much for her to process when standing up. We’re trying to get back on the school routine with it coming up in 2 weeks or so. I’m thinking might be a tough one because of me starting a new job and a new respite being involved instead of her usual one. Well it’s time to relax before bedtime. Take care everyone.


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