A good week

It’s a pretty darn good week. Little to no meltdowns this week. Which tells me shes in a happy place of sorts. Almost had one lastnight when she was telling me she wanted to eat and I took about 10 mins of asking and using the communication book and realizing its not in there. Finally figured when we went to the fridge and I was shown in which I made a mental to update the communication book to include that. A minor blip was today when it rained off and on we got caught in it once. Some kids on the spectrum hate the rain. This week has been ultra sensitive for touch. Sound sensitivity has been better this week. She was with me to learn the good news that I’m getting a job to help kids with autism. It’s with a big service provider in the region that could help me branch out in different areas. So happy things are happening now. I feel like a kid waiting for the first day of school lol..


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