Rough weekend

Friday was the end of our heat wave and hibernating inside. started with a blown fuse Friday morning. We had to go out to buy some new ones. She had never been to home depot so I was trying to prepare her for it. Tried my best but in the end it was way overwhelming for her. Big place and unexpected noises not good for autism kids. After all that we went to Vaughan mills to get out of the heat and some exercise seeing the park was not a good option. On the way back a severe storm was coming in. Which comprised of her two least fav elements. Thunder and rain oh ya lightning too. We stopped for dinner and it just let loose everything at once. Get home and we have no power and dark halls which she is terrified of. Luckily we have a camp light that sort of eased everything. Helped her by playing a shadow game which was fun. Great end to the weekend was going to see her best friend for BBQ. She wakes up this morning and wanted to wear her Scooby do costume. Well it’s a day of early years again. Have a good day everyone.




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