a simple handshake

A couple months ago i was the katie couric show when she did a show on autism. she happened to have someone who is my hero temple grandin on the show. shes been my main source of info on autism. On the show she was talking about what we as parents can now to prepare our kids for the world. one that stood out and is a very simple thing is learning to handshake properly. i seen that and i thought i should be teaching my girl this. well as we’ve been out on our summer journeys I’ve noticed that she has already has started this. They say the kids can regress in the summer but I see some growth happening with each interaction. Her doing this is smart because it’s providing the sensory and it is making it easier for her to process what is happening especially when she tries to ask their name after shaking. It’s a simple handshake to most of us but to kids with autism its mean their finding one more way to slow down and connect with a world that’s hard to understand.



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