rainy sunday

today is a very seldom rainy day today. which could mean trouble for getting sensory but luckly our respite gave some tips creating a park like place. for one the rocking chair turns into a swing secondly we have our sensory ball we can kick around.
rainy days always lead to movie time. we watched a personal favourite robin williams “jack”. when I first seen this film years ago the difference angle was never evident only cause I hadn’t faced it yet. now that I deal with a autism child it hits me hard. a great movie about overcoming differences to fully accept as he is. basically he’s aging faster than his body. he’s a 10yr old that looks like a 40 yr old. bryan adams did a song for this movie called “star” this song has a whole new meaning now. I can’t write this without tearing up really. I think those of us with special needs kids would take to this song strongly.



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