new shoes


today was a good day for us. bought my girl her long awaited new shoes. first she wanted because of the cars but now is see the sensory aspect of them. they light up in the heel area. what a perfect thing for a autism child. now she likes to look down at her feet even more to see the lights lol. she loves them and she’s happy so I’m happy.
we went to the library later to drop some stuff and found a great new autism book. looks at it from a childs perspective which I think is awesome. I started to read and thoughly impressed how simplistic it is. it mainly targets the group that has started to realize they are different and this helps them understand how they are. its called survival guide for kids with autism spectrum disorders(and for parents) by elizabeth verdick & elizabeth reeve, m.d.


It may awhile before my daughter asks why she’s different but I’m already doing my best to prepare for that moment in time. I also see this a good tool to deal with children I’m trying to help as respite worker.
if there’s any followers who from gta region I’m a fully equipped respite worker.

hope everyone has a good day!


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