we’re progressing as society but not fast enough

let me start by saying today was a good day overall. went to the library for awhile. We went to our favorite park for a fifth day. she loves it. i love it when she tries to interact with kids. i can understand the hesitation to this. this is why the swings are a safe zone for her. Went to the same park after dinner. I do all this just trying to work on her social awkwardness. everything was going fine when she just short of walked up to these 2 nice kids and asked if they’ll play with her. They seem to overlook her differences which are fairly evident and they just went along with her and play hide and seek, tag. She decided after a bit that she wanted to move on which is fine. My girl wanted to play with these other kids who were older which has never been a problem. Granted i understand my girl cant recognize when someone is being mean. I was watching this interaction and was thoroughly disgusted with them laughing at her right in her face. At a point i just redirected my girl another direction because of the lack of respect given. I’m sure its not just me but it seems more and more that kids are not being brought up to accept people for who they are. I try and encourage my girl to play with kids who are of all races or abilities and it just seems everyone else is stuck in neutral. We last week in the states the supreme court give gays and lesbians more equal rights. you hear detractors from religious groups denounce the equality which really speaks where we are still. sadly when you talk about disability we still have a long way to go when congress votes down a bill that would help our community. i’m reading a book by andrew solomon “far from the tree” he mentions that until we grow past our discrimination of homosexuals the disability movement will be drowned out. that why i say we’re progressing as society but no fast enough.


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