happy canada day weekend

Happy canada day weekend to my canadian followers. Its been a interesting weekend so far like most. Spending most of the time at the park with my daughter hoping to have her engage with other kids. I admit that has not been overly successful so far. The swings are her safe zone and where she’s been most of the weekend. Its all good except for some minor hiccups when it comes to unwanted interaction from other people. Has a new thing where she likes to swing side to side instead back and forth. Well you can guess some kid said something and she lost it big time. Taking her aside to calm her down turned out to be a good thing because we met another parent who has a child with autism. Honestly it was tough hear about another family in this great country having trouble in the school system and getting proper supports to help them. Besides that it seemed to be a happy family. I have to say some of the differences you see come out with autism can be cute. Like how my daughter likes to watch her feet while walking or watching wheels go around her wagon. All in all its a good weekend.


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