last day of school

Well yesterday was the last day of school for my girl. It was a pretty successful year for her. The change of schools seemed to be a worthwhile venture. The tough part for these kids is that school is ending. Which means end of the usual routine day in day out. You see it already taking effect when they get all quiet trying to figure what this all means. I know the question will be the same for the next 2 months. Is there school, lunch, snack? Have to say unlike some parents I look forward to this time because it gives us extra to bond much more. When it comes to special need kids I do see the benefit of how all year schooling might help. It doesn’t disrupt a routine that seems to always be changing.
I got a pleasant surprise the other when andrew solomon responded to my post on his website. He’s the author of “far from the tree”. This what he wrote:
Dear Rob,

Thank you so much for posting your story about your daughter on the Far from the Tree website. I was moved to read it  and thank you for it enormously.

I was thrilled to see the response because his book and thought process is amazing when it comes to the disability world.


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