proud to be who we are

yesterday was a very eventful day. my daughters school was holding a graduation ceremony. it had all the typical stuff, loud music, dancing and singing. considering this is a special needs school i was curious to see how the kids would react to having more people than normal present and the loud music. as someone who understands these kids very well i was very happy to see many of these kids coping really well with the circumstance. Seeing all that made see the wonder that these workers do to help all of these kids out. My daughter had a few parts in the music and singing parts. she came out with her class the first time and played the drums while they were singing speckled frogs. She looked so at home with drums in front of her. then she came out and sang with her class walking on sunshine with various actions and did them really well. i filming all of this for her to watch over and over. i realize how much these kids feed on positive feedback and all throughout im sitting with the tablet recording and giving her thumbs up at the same time. the anxiety of the morning was starting to show on her late in the event. i figured when i was told that she want to eat her snack or lunch. after coming back home there were some hiccups per say but we got threw them with some rest. amazing the bounce back these kids have. We have gone to see the monsters university lastnight to relax some, i say im thankful for headphones she carries with her everyday. they totally keep her together. by the way the movie was awesome. 

after the whole grad event i got to talk to some of the people involved and i complemented them on well the kids did with all the noise and extra people. its just nice to know there is some people out there who have compassion and patience to deal with disabilities. its one place i get to visit and feel the most comfortable talking about this stuff. I think i help them a little when i can say i understand what this is all about and know how to deal with different situations. if this has taught me anything its that we can be proud as a special needs community despite the fact society pushes away from us. To see these kids persevere through obstacles and be happy was really heartwarming to me.


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