a bad and good week

Well its safe to say this has been a rough week in which I got sick. As a single parent can be tough to deal with considering you are the only to help your child so I been toughing for my lil girls sake. Ya its tough to do but that’s ok she’s worth it. Now the good stuff. We went to the park like usual on tuesday and had a accidental autism talk because of a swing interaction my child had with her child. Was a very positive experience until she didn’t want to be pushed anymore. I was pleasantly surprised when she wanted to learn more about autism because it seem interesting to her in some way. I was really happy that this wasn’t just another walk away parent who was close minded. Felt good to talk to someone who was open minded. Today I went to a event called coffee chat that is held in the GTA region to help parents who have children with disabilities to network and share experiences. I went their as a respite worker/parent to learn more. it was a great experience to be there. Got to talk to a parent who is going through the 1st stages of getting a diagnosis. We talked about what goes on with the child at home and stuff. I was able to give some help to them so they better understood what they may be dealing with. It was refreshing to hear someone say no matter what the diagnosis is we are going to accept life as it is and work with it. I could tell when we ended our chat there was some comfort taken that its not so bleak after all. The more interactions I have like this makes me believe I should be helping families like this.


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