out for a walk

Went out for a walk tonight to get some stuff for a sore throat I have and I love the sense of perception my girl had. Came home tonight and the first thing she was if I was sick cause I was coughing a bit. So we go out and all this time she’s asking me if I’m sick over and over again which doesn’t get old coming from her. While we were out I decided to try her eating a pita not sure if she would take to it because of the texture of the pita and hidden food inside it. Well I’m glad to say she took really good to it. I’m happy we can now add more food to her selections. The cute moment came on the way home when she was walking with toy puppy and about halfway she says he’s tired and wants to be in the wagon. I didn’t know toy puppys can get tired lol. Gotta love when imagination shows up like that.


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