The wonderment of sensory

Its amazing how the sensories of one child differs so much everyday. I’ve noticed it more and more these days in our everyday goings on. I think it started with a simple game of running at me for a hug when i get ready to change or help her putting clothes on. The minute i ask her to come see me she walks a good distance and then runs at me for a big deep pressure hug. We had another instance where she was trying to get the cats attention by pulling the tail(ouch). After i got done explaining to her that we have to be nice to the kitty i told her she wouldnt like if someone pulled her hair like that. i loved the response i got from her which was “yes i would like that”. just when i think i understand everything she throws me that curve lol. we had instance this  morning when i got her out of bed and changed, had the bedroom light and ceiling fan and i loved the face of enjoyment she was having in watching that go around and around. a side note to all this is her likeness towards micheal jackson and the music and dancing. I love how music and dancing really seems to hit a chord within them.


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