one of those days

Well it was a great day and timing for my child to be having a pa day. Had a interview with a family who has a child with autism and was asking for my help. I was really grateful that they thought of me. Brought my daughter to this interview which was good because at least they know im not faking this stuff. I hope I hear back from them because I know how much I can help them out with their issues. I admit it went about 10 mins too long because my daughter was showing signs of her wanting to move on from that and do something else. Which I could understand really. We went to dinner after that interview and that was a fun little time. one of the better eat out dinners we’ve had in awhile. My daughter was wants this mini burger meal. This place has one those kids menu with the pictures of the food. the mini burger had a picture with pieces of parsley attached to it. Anyways they bring the dish and we’re about to eat and im sensing something is missing just by the face expression. Turns out when she ordered she was expecting everything to be the same which I gathered. Was too funny when they did bring the parsley just how careful she was to set it up like the picture. clearly a funny autistic moment I will remember fondly. I finally got around to seeing the movie rainman and was taken back how well dustin Hoffman played the part. I admit part of it had me tears because I could understand what the character was feeling. Tom cruises character was great in that movie also. Someone should’ve warned me how much a emotionally charged that movie is.


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