Another interesting saturday

Yesterday was nice sunny day in general that had its bumps in the road. My girl right from the moment of waking was asking to go to her favourite park which is fine. Even though im not new at this autism world the communication aspect always trips me up from time to time. The plan was to go pick up more of her meds and come home and get the laundry from the dryer. Well we went to the drugstore to get the meds which was about 10 mins. So we went to do some other things in mean time to pass the time. Came back to the drugstore for the meds had to stop for something on the way out and that’s when it all unravelled for me. This easy-going morn was going smoothly until she encounter the chocolate bar stand which she has never noticed before. After trying to explain she couldn’t have it and we had to leave a full tilt meltdown ensued. managed to get her out the door where she could breathe a bit more. I’ve learned from certain people that sometimes its better to let them get some of it out of her system. I have say thanks to the lady from the drugstore for offering a cup cake to make her feel better but it only made it worse. After spending a couple mins of screaming i managed to calm her down through our breathing exercises. there were 2 more incidents at the park also. Amazing how when they get in a sensory zone they have a hard time understanding anything. Park was busy and kids wanted on the swings that were providing sensory for her. They wanted a turn with the swings so i was trying to explain that she needed a break and give someone else a turn. Well that turned into a medium meltdown of sorts with screaming and a whole lot of crying. Thank goodness im always packing her sensory ball. Those things are a god send. Tried to rub her back with it like she enjoys but it wasnt working. Thinking quick saved me by creating a game of catch and kick ball which lasted for a good 20mins. I realized after thinking everything through that she wasnt understanding too much of what i was saying. While she was playing with pooh bear and elmo in the park i was going through her communication book to understand how i could use it to help her understand me better in that circumstance. There was another family there with a special needs child also. While watching them interact it was nice to see how accepting they were of the child but furthermore how much joy they were having interacting with him. Wanted to go over there and talk to them but decided to respect their space and not intrude as much as i love reaching out to other families like us. After a day like that i was tuckered out from the meltdowns happening but i wouldnt trade anything in the world for this. Every day is a learning experience i enjoy having.


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