great start to the long weekend

Been a bit of a stressful week for several reasons but that can be overcome with the long weekend. Got ready for it by buying a portable bbq. My daughter came home from school on the school bus and the first thing she asked is if she could watch her favourite movie “life of Pi”. Its really interesting how she has gravitated to this movie considering its bit of a deep seeded film. I gather its the animals and great cinematography. After was time for our daily to her favourite playground or as she says “crosby park”. Everytime we go to the park its always interesting and unpredictable. She brought little toy dog thats on a pull string to play with. Her place she always goes to the swing set to get her sensory in her by pushing them empty or not. It always a nice surprise when she starts to play with another kid and they dont walk away from her like always. Her friend made everything good when he hopped on the swing and wanted to be pushed. The funny thing was that after a bit he wanted to stop but she blocked that out because of all the sensory she was getting from it. I somehow knew this toy dog was going to be a problem eventually considering how defensive she is about it. Starts playing with these young kids who start trying to say something. Which is not good with all three of them speaking at the same speech level and not being able to understand eachother. From all that came a little meltdown that insued some yelling and jumping. I some how defused with her communication book by asking her how she is feeling and describing to her that another kid wanted to play with her. Im always amazed how they can have such emotional swings and everything is alright all of sudden. Really scaring to see it happen at times. The rest of the time went pretty well meltdown free which made me relax a lot more. Everytime i see the social child come out in her its always makes me feel that we’re working our way through the landmines of autism one step at a time.


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