Crisis Averted

Today was one of those tough days. It was a nice sunny day in general but the strong gusty winds posed to be quite the obstacle for my daughter. We were planning on going to the library and got half way down the street when she started yelling at the wind to stop. Knowing and understanding my daughter i knew it was the right thing to turn back and try again later. I knew this was big because i’ve never seen her this upset. Amazing how people on the autism spectrum are so affected by wind, then again you throw in the sound of cars and big trucks going by and i can understand where she comes from.  We had dinner and she was just bouncing off the walls so i decided something had to be done. Here goes a 2nd attempt at the library. wind is a little less but still irritating for her. somewhat solved the wind by letting her wear her ernie sesame street winter hat to block out the wind.  Going to library is always a adventure nothing ever goes well.  We go in there and she says hi to our librarian friends and im thinking ok so far so good. Look at some books, sing a calendar song. As we exit the kids area she stops to say hi to a fellow girl and she stands there waiting for a response and gets nothing back. I let go for it 1 one more time then intervened before she got upset. The interesting part comes when we go to the movie section.  Patient is a gift when she picking out dvds because she has to go through them one by one unlike other kids. She then asks for her sippy cup which is all good. We go to check out our items and she takes off to the computers with her cup which i didnt know at all. So we get close to the exit and she asks for water and im thinking its in the bag and its not there. which at this point im saying dont be lost because my night would be over with her going into meltdown mode. We go look for it, I ask everyone if they’ve seen it and nothing. At this point im thinking the night is ruined because she wont give it up, then something came to mind about the checkout at the computer area. Sure enough it was sitting right there. Thank god because i dont know if i wouldve survived lol. Its so interesting how these kids on the spectrum can go from one emotion to another so quickly. I admit its scary when the meltdowns happen and they come out of them like nothing happened.


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