great piece of inspiration

Got the chance to see a great documentary film at the hotdocs festival. Basically deals with a auto part company in ohio that employed people with developmental disabilities. It was a real up and down roller coaster of emotions. Was a very personal connection to this film for obvious reasons. One particular character whose name is kevin was inspirational to me. Kevin has autism. While watching that film you really got the sense this movie was making a lot of people think about whats going on. After the movie the director Victor Bulher and the cast was there for a Q&A session.
After the Q&A i managed to meet everyone of them and just tell them how much of inspiration they were to the special needs community. I did get the chance to speak with kevin and say he gave me great hope and inspiration that my daughter can do what she wants regardless of her disability. There was wanda who has down syndrome and T.J who has cerebral palsy. What a joy it was to meet them and the director. You can imagine the high i was on after that. Took awhile to come down from there. For those interested go to


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